Room Size: 40’x 36’ Column Free.
1348 Square Feet

Ceiling Height: 12’
Production Office: Included at No Charge.
Power: 3 Phase 100-amp Cam Loc 5 wire.

Backline Included:
Acoustic Grand Piano, Bass Amp, Guitar Amp, Set of Drums with Cymbal Package.
Music Stands, Chairs, Bass Stools, Conductors Stand and Podium, Production Tables.

Monitor PA Included:

Console: 24 Channel Digital Console included

Monitors: 6 L’acoustics 112p included

Sidefills included upon request (availability pending): L’acoustic Arcs WIFO w/ SB18 Sub

Microphones: Basic wired mic package* included

*6x Shure SM58, 2x Shure SM57, 2x Shure SM81, 1x AKG D112, 6x DI Boxes

Alternative Consoles available upon request (Yamaha/Digico/Avid)

Alternative L’acoustics Sidefill options available upon request

Additional monitors and Shure PSM1000/P9HW IEM’s available upon request

Additional mic packages and wireless (Shure Axient, ULXD, UR) available upon request





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