Hammond XK5 Dual Manual with Leslie 3300 Solid State


HAMMOND XK 5 with Leslie 3300 Solid State Amp/Speaker

The Hammond XK5

The Hammond XK5 is Hammond’s flagship model, designed to be a true, modern B3 organ. Every organ model Hammond has released has had a common purpose—to provide the user with authentic B3 sounds for a fraction of the size and cost. The XK5 takes this mission a step further, as this keyboard is meant to be the modern substitute for the classic B3, not just a cheaper imitation. What Hammond has produced is impressive and practical, for very few modern musicians will ever own a vintage B3 on their own.


The Leslie 3300 

The Leslie 3300 is one of the most powerful Leslies ever offered and has been designed with the professional touring musician in mind. This single-channel Leslie features a two-speed horn rotor coupled to our new heavy-duty design driver and a massive 15" woofer. Firing into the Bass rotor. The Leslie 3300 is powered by a 300-Watt RMS solid-state amplifier with a real vacuum tube preamp. 11-pin and 8-pin Leslie sockets allow connection and onboard control with Hammond Organs, Most other electronic organs and keyboards can hook up to the 3300 using a ¼" cable and common footswitch (optional). This Leslie features a rugged-built cabinet with a high-impact black finish which is lighter than a traditional Leslie, and the heavy-duty casters will make it a snap to transport to your next performance.

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